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Return Form

Return Form

Please Return items to:
Music Box Inc
160 Thames Street
Newport, Rhode Island 02840
United States

We need:


Bill to Info:

Ship to Info:

Step 1: Make a copy of your receipt or order and include it with this form.

Step 2 - Please list items being returned and
check either Refund or Exchange

Item #
(if you know it)
Description Qty of
Ref Exch

Step 3 - Please list the replacement items needed

Item #
(if known)
Description Size Price Balance

Step 4 - Shipping Fees for Exchanges:

$3 for the first item and $1.00 per additional item Shipping Charge: $

Step 5 - Subtotal:

Calculate the grand total including shipping:
(Add in a minus sign "-" if we owe you credit)
Total Charge: $

Step 6 - If the Total Charge exceeds the value of the returned
items, please provide your credit card information below.
If the Total Charge is only the cost of shipping, you may use a personal check made out to "Music Box Inc.".

Card Type:
Card Number:
Full Name on Card:
Expiration Date:
HELP: We will gladly assist you with any questions
you may have regarding returns or exchanges.

Please call 1-877-666-8742 Ext. 5, Sun through Sat, 9am-9pm EST. 
Thank you for your support.
Rob Lasky and the Team